Jasna, Chopok – Snowboarding 2019

I have been longing for quite some time to go snowboarding somewhere outside of Romania. After sharing my thoughts with my friends we ended up deciding on Jasna, Slovakia. Chopok being the highest altitude in the Low Tatras, Slovakia planning to do the Winter Olympics there in 2022, we were pumped about it. We wanted to go big on this.

It’s a five hour journey from home to this small town called Mikulas, where we are planning to stay for next couple of days.

Our enthusiasm kind of dropped once we arrived and we saw that is raining. It was heavily raining outside, the parking spaces were flooded and 80% of the slopes closed. I started to believe that we took a bad decision when we decided to buy a 2 day ticket.

Well, we did a 600km journey to get to this place, so we didn’t do such an effort to stay inside and skip snowboarding and skiing. We went for it.

We could go up to 1600m altitude which still gave us a nice ride down, despite the rain.

After a good few hours on the slope, we got soaked wet and decided to go home, warm up and get some rest. Hoping to be more lucky the following day.


Cavnic Super Ski – is it any good?

What’s up beautiful people – today is another snowboarding day.

Here are a few reasons why the Cavnic Super Ski is my one favourite snowboarding destination in Romania:

  • It’s 2.5 hours away from my home – Zalau – Cavnic – 120KM
  • only 100lei / day and it’s open from 9am till 8pm
  • It’s long enough and fast enough
  • So it’s short and sweet – perfect for beginners like myself
  • Plenty of snow, beautify scenery and loads of fun

So let’s hit the road again and have some fun


Super Ski Cavnic – Maramures

What’s up beautiful people?!

It’s 2019 and I am stepping into my 3rd year of creating content on YouTube.

This year I will continue sharing my travel adventures, but also bring more value to everyone who is following by sharing tips&tricks, does and don’t in order to help you to have a more pleasant experience in your next travel destination.

I am planning to go to Japan, further explore Romania, hike mountains and explore different countries in Europe.

I have a hole bunch of new gear so will share with you guys the tips about the best way to document your travel adventures.

The main problem when it comes to traveling is the fact that it costs a lot of money and we struggle saving enough to travel as much as we would like. I will share with you in my upcoming videos different ways in getting an extra income into your savings to travel more.

Flying through the seasons – ROMANIA

I am really excited about this video. In 2018 I have traveled to around 15 different locations in Romania and managed to film some amazing landscapes and vibrant cities throughout the four seasons.

I have started my journey from my home town and went as far as Poiana Brasov to the south, Maramures to the north, Oradea to the vest and as high as 2303 m altitude to the top of Rodna Mountains.

I have walked through the most amazing green fields with spring flowers I have ever seen, survived the heath of the summer, been blown away by the beautiful colors of the autumn and witnessed the most wonderful winter from the past couple of years.

I really hope you will enjoy this 4K areal video showcasing ROMANIA and that you will share it with your friends to promote this awesome piece of land to the world.

This video was filmed entirely with my DJI MAVIC PRO.


Autumn Kayaking on Tarnita

My final escape into the nature before the winter comes is a weekend-away kayaking at Lake Tarnita with my friends from work.

We started our day early in the morning, some of us earlier, other later, but Chef Patric was the first to open the kitchen and with the help of Cristina and Sabin prepared the breakfast to get enough energy for an amazing kayaking experience yet to come on lake Tarnita.

Lake Tarnița is a reservoir located in Cluj County, Romania, between the communes of Râșca, Mărișel and Gilău, west of Cluj-Napoca. Covering some 215 ha, with a length of close to 9 km and a maximum depth of over 70 m, it is a popular tourist destination. Water from the Someșul Cald River flows into the reservoir.

After endless hours on the lake we returned to the cabin and chilled for the rest of the evening next a BBQ, good music and a joyful atmosphere.

Impressions about Morocco

Yes, we had part of an amazing trip in Morocco. We had part of cultural shock, but also became richer, more knowledgeable as we learned about their way of living, food, ideology and history.

We are taking advantage of our time left in Marrakesh by going back to our favorite places, having our favorite food, get a final massage and chill for the rest of the evening at the rooftops of beautiful Marrakesh.

FES – MOROCCO – The world’s biggest medina

FES – MOROCCO – The world’s biggest medina

After a few good hours on train and some interesting things that we encountered on the way we have finally arrived to Fes to the Blue gate.

While we were on the train a gentleman came into our compartment and took a seat without having a ticket for that particular place.

Within no time started talking with us, at first seamed nice, but then it became really annoying. He tried to get our phone number, hotel name so he can pick us up in the morning to take us to his tannery in Fes. He was really pushy to get these information and after trying to sell us leather jackets and other goods, finally gave up and went to another compartment trying to find some other potential customers.

We are walking back and forth on the streets and cant seem to find our riad. Finally we are going into this narrow allay and hoping that we found the place.

Yes, we found it. Such a lovely place, but for now we need to grab some food and rest.

We had a good rest – having a nice breakfast and ready to explore the old town of Fes.


There are two main streets going down the hill in Fes, in both sides you can find the bazaars and on the end of the street the famous tennery of Fes. That’s where we are going. It is fascinating to see people working in this place. It smells horrible. They gave us meant leafs to cut down the smell a bit.

The museum of wood crafts.

I have no idea what this stuff is. Looks like cactus and kind of tastes like a kiwi..i dont know…but its good.

Cip is still looking for the perfect Moroccan carpet, but thank God by the end of the day he will even find it.


It is time for a meal and we go again for the Tajin…I kind of miss romanian food at this time, but let’s see.

for the starter ordered Moroccan soup and 2nd course My dear friends ordered the classic beef tajing and I went for the Moroccan meatball tajin. Spicy tomato sauce with a fried egg and meatballs.

For dessert we had some interesting croissants and meant tea and orange with cinemon.

The oldest Koranic school in Morocco.

For the rest of the day we are planning to get out of the Medina and go up to the hills of Fes and see the town from there.

the view from the hill is amazing and very relaxing.

We are ending our evening here and our journey to Fes. We decided to go back over night to Marrakesh as the journey back it takes more or less 8 hours. So planning to travel and night and in our final day in Marrakesh to relax.

The best beach in Casablanca – Morocco

Day 4 in Morocco, and our 2nd day in Casablanca.

We are going out into the city to find something to eat and than go to the beach and relax.

As it is a Saturday everything is closed in the area we are living, so we are going a bit more into the city to have breakfast.


The beach of Casablanca is quite nice, but It not the perfect time to swim, but more like staying on the beach and relax.


If i would make my plan again for Morocco, I wouldn’t spend more than a day in Casablanca. I would only visit the mosque, maybe a quick run to the beach and moll and in the same day go further to a different destination.

After a few good hours running and relaxing on the beach we are going to the Morocco Mall which is the 2nd largest mall in Africa

After the two days spent in Casablanca we are going to our next destination, in Fes. We know that is famous for their tannery, but don’t know too much about the city so we will discover it on the go.